about us

Our history

Designby Si is a Danish brand founded by Isabella Laybourn back in 2016.

"I have always had a huge passion for fashion, and I have always known that I wanted to be self-employed in something within the fashion industry. That's why Designby Si has been my biggest dream since I was a little girl ".

Our purpose is to offer a uniquely curated selection of clothing that will complete any girl's wardrobe. We like to describe ourselves as a timeless brand that keeps up with the latest fashion trends for affordable prices. Our story is far from finished, and we look forward to writing even more chapters together with you.


Hear Isabella talk about Designbysi (The video is in Danish)



Instagram was the starting point for Designby Si, where Isabella started selling jewelry. Here it all started with a few orders via Instagram DM. Only a few months after the start-up, things took off, and Isabella started importing clothes and accessories that were inspired by the latest fashion trends from social media. Only a year after the start-up, the company had developed from a small Instagram hobby project to a larger webshop in a completely different category - clothes.


All our clothes are produced in a factory in Italy, which we visit every second month. Here we design and develop all our designs together with the fantastic team behind our sewing studio. The factory is a family-owned business like ours and dates back to 1996. The sewing room in the factory consists of qualified professionals who have been making clothes for over 25 years.

Italy is known for quality craftsmanship, respect for working conditions, first-class research, and extensive knowledge of materials & technology. Our factories have passed the legal compliance audit which means they are qualified professionals and thus contribute with excellence in all products they present!

We are proud to say that 90% of our range is produced in Italy. The remaining percentages are from Denmark and China